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Projects in progress

CCS’ first signature project: Jouer en apprenant avec mon enfant : littératie des familles [Play and learn with children: literacy in the family]

As a signature project to launch the CCS initiative, the Association francophone à l’éducation des services à l’enfance de l’Ontario (Aféseo), in partnership with COFA and the Garderie éducative Renée-Tassé de La Cité collégiale, gave an example of a first knowledge community during a workshop entitled Jouer en apprenant avec mon enfant : littératie des familles [Play and learn with children: literacy in the family], a family literacy program funded by the Government of Canada through Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. Martine St-Onge, Director General of Aféseo, said she is “enthusiastic and happy about the opportunity to combine the forces of Aféseo with the forces of COFA and the Collectif, and to work with Denis Lacroix, manager of the Garderie éducative Renée-Tassé, and Julie Benoit, professor in early childhood education at the Cité collégiale, in order to promote, distribute and implement this series of workshops across French-language day care services in the province. Not only will the support of the Collectif help us remind everyone that any learning continuum starts with early childhood education, but also that learning for young people happens, first and foremost, through play.”  

Théâtre de dehors

The Théâtre de dehors proposes a learning project through art, more specifically through theatre, by targeting adult learners from disadvantaged environments. These adults are encouraged to participate in the creative process of writing or performing in a play. The production will then be staged by a professional theatre company and presented to an audience. By completing such a project, participants will be encouraged to develop their interpersonal skills and their writing and oral communication skills. Since the primary objective is not to entertain an audience, the learners will gain some artistic experience and new knowledge.

Chœurs d’enfants des Patriotes

The Chœur d’enfants des Patriotes, which enables children aged between 7 and 14 to sing traditional, sacred and folk songs together, proposes to stage a children’s musical production, initially created by children from Paris, France. Entitled “T’es qui, dis t’es d’où?”, the show addresses identity questions that children may have to face in their everyday lives. They will be able to sing and act in a play that, in some ways, relates to their own experiences, specifically the search for identity in a minority setting. In addition to acquiring new artistic skills, the children will be able to continue to live in French, develop their French-Canadian spirit and learn to live in a community (behaviours, principles, rigour in preparing the songs and teamwork).

Patro d’Ottawa

The Patro d’Ottawa, in partnership with Phyllis Dalley Ph. D., is designed to create a self-sufficient, transferable homework club model for vulnerable francophone communities. Improving youth programming will increase the success rate academically, socially and personally for young Francophones in a given area. The project seeks to slow down assimilation into English and the school dropout rate, which all too often affects the centre’s young clients. Support from the Collectif will make it possible to determine and recruit available resources, as well as form partnerships with the community.

Conseil d’école EEC Notre-Dame-de-la-Jeunesse

The Conseil d’école de l’école élémentaire catholique Notre-Dame-de-la-Jeunesse is proposing to develop an annual plan that will be used by library staff and francophone volunteers in Ajax-Pickering. The goal is to develop and offer “Heure du conte français” programs that appeal to and entertain the entire family. The Conseil will use CCS’ help to organize and increase existing book and song collections. It will also work on activities built around topics that will make it possible to develop French-language programs for children of all ages, to encourage the active participation of all family members, to encourage the creative learning of French vocabulary, and to take into account the increasing diversity of the Franco-Ontarian community.

Le Phénix

Le Phénix is proposing a workshop project to raise awareness of the needs of persons with disabilities. The target clients are students from francophone schools and the francophone community. The project will raise awareness among young people and the community, and provide them with tools and support, so that they can demystify and understand the various limitations. In so doing, the project will help better meet the needs of persons with disabilities. The topics that will be discussed include client services adapted to the needs of persons with disabilities, an understanding of the law and standards on accessibility for persons with disabilities in Ontario, and a workshop on communicating and interacting with persons with disabilities. Le Phénix will be able to develop the project with support from the Collectif de la communauté du savoir, Ontario’s major francophone network and powerful distribution platform.

Parents partenaires en éducation (PPE)

Parents partenaires en éducation (PPE) seeks support from the partners of the Collectif de la communauté du savoir to promote conversations and to contact parent facilitators and people willing to create conversation reports. The conversations by and for parents bring together key family members from all walks of life who choose French-language education for their children. This formula falls under informal training, which makes it possible for participants to take concrete action in their own homes or surroundings. Support from the Collectif will help reach more people, producing a more significant impact and achieving wider visibility in the community, not just in schools. The partnership will promote conversations across francophone communities in Ontario.  

L’Orignal en action

L’Orignal en Action, with the support of its municipality, proposes to develop a multi-purpose centre on the banks of the Ottawa River in L’Orignal. The group hopes to build a village that is a great place to live in, as well as provide an environment conducive to the social, cultural and economic development of its community. This citizen project will use the services of the Collectif du communauté du savoir with a view to developing a vision with clear objectives. The CCS support will also include advice on how to develop a strategic plan and explore funding options through the various programs available.

Librairie ÉduPlaisir in Sturgeon Falls

Complementing the social initiative ÉduPlaisir, a francophone bookstore run by the Centre de formation du Nipissing, the new program for a used books sales centre in Sturgeon Falls will be a social integration initiative that will provide practical employment training opportunities for adults and young people at risk who have a great deal of difficulty in entering the labour market. As a special space fostering personal growth, this unique place for hands-on learning will enable people referred by community partners and organizations to improve their self-confidence, personal growth and language abilities. This will help them acquire essential skills that can be transferred from one workplace to another and a taste for success on a daily basis. The location provides applied training in a real workplace that will make it possible to acquire the knowledge, skills and behaviours. Six (6) training modules will be available: customer service, business technology, classification and inventory management, basic commercial accounting, occupational health and safety, and the promotion of goods and services. This will help young people participate fully in society. In addition, the used books sales centre will provide access to used books at a reasonable price for families in the greater Nipissing area. Finally, this project can be described as a sustainable recycling strategy that encourages the community to bring their books to the centre and give them a new life.




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