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Collectif de la communauté du savoir (CCS)


Eighteen provincial francophone organizations came together to form the Collectif de la communauté du savoir (CCS), representing knowledge communities. These organizations are committed to encouraging their members and partners to work together to:

  • implement projects and initiatives in their communities in order to promote existing training opportunities, formal, non-formal or informal alike;
  • create new opportunities according to targeted gaps; and
  • showcase opportunities in the community by celebrating collective and individual successes, while developing a taste for learning. 

As partners, they made a commitment to work toward the same goal and developed 4 guiding principles:

  • Partners will comply with the organization’s mission: lifelong learning;
  • Activities will bring together people of all ages, all skills and all cultures;
  • Learning consists of the three types of knowledge: skills, knowledge and behaviours;
  • Places and opportunities for learning French must be varied and must include formal, non-formal and informal training.

The partners in the Collectif, their members and contributors will work together to achieve the stated goal. The approach is collaborative and complementary, seeking to encourage reflective and critical collective action, rooted in the community. All members of the Collectif work with members and partners from various communities. They will promote lifelong learning, the benefits of building knowledge communities according to the needs of participating communities, while facilitating learning activities.

The CCS is first and foremost a group of partners who want to support lifelong learning initiatives in francophone communities in Ontario, by using their resources in a spirit of solidarity, inclusiveness and action.


The vision, mission and values of the Collectif will guide all of its actions throughout all of its activities.


Every Francophone in Ontario has access to lifelong learning in formal, non-formal and informal French-language settings in vibrant communities.


The Collectif du savoir is a network of expertise, resources and knowledge, whose mission is to help implement all types of lifelong learning initiatives in francophone communities across Ontario.


Solidarity: Committed co-operation from all partners, members and contributors with a view to working together and sharing their respective resources in order to help build proud and strong francophone knowledge communities across Ontario.

Inclusiveness: Access to all lifelong learning opportunities for Francophones of all ages, all skills, all cultures, all walks of life and all communities in Ontario.

Action: Commitment from the partners, members and contributors whose common and concrete goal is to carry out lifelong learning activities for the benefit of the learners, their communities and the francophone community.

What is a learning community?

The Réseau pour le développement de l’alphabétisme et des compétences (RESDAC) is pleased to introduce its microsite on learning communities, thereby bringing together all the documents used for the participants’ brainstorming and discussions at RESDAC’s Forum 2012. You can visit the website at this link: http://www.resdac.net/communautesapprenantes/